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Spotner Face & Decolleté

  • What is Spotner?
    Spotner Face & Decolleté (Spotner) is a revolutionary product against dark spots. It contains an innovative combination of botanical extracts and alpha-arbutin, perfect for diminishing dark spots. The whitening ingredients of Gigawhite and Sepiwhite also prevent the formation of melanin. Besides, the encapsulation of salicyclic acid helps increase the regeneration rate of your skin with a gentle treatment.
    It is proven efficacy to against dark spots, the result is visible and effective after 4 weeks of application.
    For more information, please visit Spotner Hong Kong official website.
  • Benefit of Spotner

    Triple-Actions: Spots lightening, skin renewal and sun protection

    .Against dark spots and other pigmentation caused by sun exposure.
    .An innovative combination of 3 skin whitening ingredients (α-Arbutin, Gigawhite & Sepiwhite) which helps minimize the sizes, numbers and colors of dark spots.
    .The pharmaceutical technology of encapsulated salicyclic acids protect the skin from irritation and help to remove dark spots by assisting with shedding old skin cells to reveal newer and healthier skin.
    .SPF 50 sun protection provides the necessary UVA & UVB filters to prevent the formation of new dark spots.
  • Unique Ingredients

    3 skin whitening ingredients

    Spotner contains a unique combination of 3 skin whitening ingredients which help preventing the formation of melanin, minimizing the dark spots precisely and providing an even skin complexion.

    1. α-Arbutin
    . considered safe and commonly use for skin whitening。
    . stable and effective in spots lightening
    . reduces or blocks some amount of melanin production by inhibiting tyrosinase
    2. Gigawhite
    . an extract from alpine plants
    . the ability to brighten and even skin tone as well as reduce the color intensity of dark spots
    .> safe and reliable
    .> fast and visible skin whitening effects
    3. Sepiwhite
    . possesses of skin lightening properties by the action of tyrosinase inhibition揮。
    . prevents skin cells from producing melanin pigments by interfering with the enzyme tyrosinase
    Spotner Product 1
  • Clinical Studies

    Clinical study 1

    >Clinical test carried out in the Netherlands: Dermatological expertise on a clinical-dermatological application test with subsequent questionnaire

    The results are concluded by 30 panelists from this study. Each participant was instructed to use the product Spotner twice a day on skin areas with dark spots for 4 weeks. They were advised not to use other skin care products in the test areas during the course of the test period.


    1. Skin color intensity: It has been shown that Spotner has caused an improvement in the color intensity of dark spots of 23.81% and 46.43% respectively after 2 and 4 weeks of application.

    2. Evaluation of the efficacy of the product:

    .65% of participants noticed a reduction of their dark spots at 2nd week; it was increased to 75% of participants at 4th week.
    . In terms of speed on efficacy, 55% of participants noticed a change after less than 10 days of application.
    3. General product rating: 75% of participants gave the product a rating of “good” or “very good”.
    * The data depicted in this report has been collected in a study was carried out by dermatest®
    Clinical study 2
    We also conducted a comparison study for Spotner. Two products were selected to examine and compare the efficacy of the products against dark spots, namely Spotner and another Brand C spot corrector which is one of the famous European cosmetic brands.
    >During the 4 weeks consumer test, each participant was instructed to use the product Spotner or another Brand C spot corrector twice a day. They were advised not to use other skin care products in the test areas for the entire test period.
    The results showed that a relatively rapid decrease in pigmentation is realized within 2 weeks of using both products. However, it is noticed that the decrease of pigmentation for using Spotner after first 2 weeks was 15.11% more and 20.34% after 4 weeks more than the Brand C spot corrector.
  • Causes and Effects of Dark Spots

    Causes of dark spots

    .Dark spots are mainly caused by excessive production of melanin from sun exposure.
    .Melanin is what gives skin its pigmentation and protects it from harmful UV rays.
    .>The skin not regenerating fast enough results in hyperpigmention, dark spots thus appear.

    Effects of dark spots

    .The darks spots are usually harmless.
    .However, we should evaluate the spots that are dark or have changed in appearance, because these changes can be signs of melanoma, a form of skin cancer.
  • Prevention

    The best way to prevent dark spots from invading your skin is by using sunscreen.

    Make sure you minimize the exposure to the sun.

    .Make wearing a sunscreen part of your daily routine, no matter in sunny or cloudy day.
    .Using sunscreen lotion of minimum SPF 15 whenever you stay outdoor.
    .Eating food items that are rich in calcium, iron and carotene (such as green leafy vegetables, carrots, nuts and fish).
    .Using Spotner which not only help against dark spots but offer SPF 50 UV protection to prevent their reappearance.
  • Products
    Spotner Face & Decolleté
    Spotner Face & Decolleté
    Helps to prevent the formation of melanin.
    Volume: 2ml