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Gülsha Rose Damascena

  • The Origin of Gülsha

    Gülsha Rose Damascena is originated from mysterious Turkey Isparta region where known as "City of Roses". Gülsha family owns lots of rose field in the area, and thus highly attentive in producing rose products according to centuries-old methods . The sea level of Isparta is 1,035m, the climatic characteristics and geographical location provide suitable conditions for growing the highest quality of rose damascena. Since rose damascena blossoms only during the month of May, they can only harvest the rose once. During the first lights of the sun, the roses fully filled with morning dew reach the highest moisture saturation. The rose damascena rose petals are steam distilled drop by drop in traditional way and the pure rose water and rose essence are produced. Since the amount of rose is limited, both rose water and rose essence are precious and well known as "Liquid Oil".

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  • Production Method of Gülsha

    Gülsha is produced by using a unique distillation technique combining a time honored methodology for the production of completely natural flower water and modern technology. There are no chemical preservatives added during distillation and the product is completely free from any petrochemical derivatives.

    .Workers arrive at the rose fields with the first lights of the sun and the rose harvest ends around 11:00am
    .The roses are pulled between the fingers so the entire blossom pops off into the hand
    .Roses that arrive at the distillery are spread to keep them cool and are then processed within 6 hours
    .Inside distillation vessels that have a three ton capacity, 500 kg of fresh blossoms and 1.5 ton of water are placed
    .The delicate steam distillation of rosa damascena rose petals, in pure copper alembics, drop by drop in traditional ways for around 1.5 hours
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  • Products
    Gülsha Rose Water Spray
    Gülsha Rose Water Spray
    99.9% natural plant extract.
    Gülsha Face Oil
    Gülsha Face Oil
    100% natural, moisturise & soothe allergy.
    Gülsha Rose Water
    Gülsha Rose Water
    99.9% natural plant extract.