• Patent Ingredient
    .Patent ingredient: m•doc™
    .Derived from cotton.
    .m•doc™ = micro dispersed oxidized cellulose
    .Very effective for haemostatic.
  • StopBleed Theory

    Calcium and sodium salts in m•doc interact with human blood clotting system and achieve haemostatic effect. When m•doc contacts with blood, it forms a gel-like layer, covering the wound. The clot can therefore stay on the wound instead of being washed away by blood. Time for haemostatic is therefore shortened and the chance of renewed bleeding decreases.

  • Clinical Results
      StopBleed is made in Ireland. StopBleed is proved with excellent haemostatic performance by clinical trials.
    .The amount of bloodshed when applying m•doc was about 7.5 times less than the amount shed when no m•doc was applied.
    .Using m•doc can help stop bleeding more than 10 times faster.
    .Using m•doc can reduce the risk of renewed bleeding during the healing period after surgery.
    .m•doc helps promote wound healing.
    .m•doc does not cause irritation.
    .m•doc contains no adverse effect.
    Clinical Trials: 1. “Final Report of the Clinical Investigation of m•doc Powder in Different Surgical Indications”, State Institute for Drug Control, Prague, Czech Republic; 2. “Pilot Clinical Investigation of m•doc”, Depar™ent of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Sanatorium Sanus Czech Republic; 3. “Visual Behavior of Whole Blood in Contact with Selected Haemostatic Materials (Comparison Trial)”, University College of Dublin, 4. “Comparison of Ability of Selected Adhesive Bandage Materials to Reduce Blood Loss from Human Subjects”, University College of Dublin, 5. “Evaluation of the m•doc Technology in a Dental Surgery Environment”, Czech Republic.
  • Testimonials

    For over 40 years, hospitals in the US have been using micro-dispersed oxidized cellulose (m•doc) as haemostat. StopBleed m•doc is the first household range for haemostatic usage. Since the launching of StopBleed, there are many famed doctors highly recommended the brand.

    Dr. Richard O'Brien, M.D., Physician at Moses Taylor Hospital in Pennsylvania (Past President, Pennysylvania Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians):

    "m•doc greatly shorten the time for stop bleeding. Many people do not know much about the correct way to stop bleeding. Some of them just stick a plaster over the bleeding wound. Using m•doc can really help."

    Dr. Garrett E. Bergman, M.D., Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist (Vice President, Resarch and Development, Octagen Corporation):

    "m•doc is effective for stop bleeding. It also helps to reduce the chance of renewed bleeding."


    Mr. Dave Hancock Msc. MCSP. SRP. BHSc, Head Physiotherapist at Leeds United Football Club:

    "I have been using m•doc at Leeds United for the last two months and think it is a great product. It enables me to get my players back on the park following a blood injury in much less time than in the past which is critical within premiership football. I would recommend it to any sports physio that is looking for that extra edge over the opposition."


    Jason Palmer, Fulham Football Club:

    “I particularly like the m•doc as it is effective and fast acting. I now take m•doc onto the park to use with our players.”

  • Products
    StopBleed Nasal Plug
    StopBleed Nasal Plug
    For nose bleedings.
    Volume:2 nasal plugs per bo
    StopBleed Antibacterial Haemostatic Gel
    StopBleed Antibacterial Haemostatic Gel
    Contains m•doc™ for wound healing.